Thursday, October 13, 2005

political happenings...

Two interesting things happened today.
1) Assad was interviewed by CNN. See the transcript at I wonder what has been "edited" out of it.
2) Ghazi Kanaan, Syria's interior minister, committed suicide today. Or, alternatively, he "committed suicide". Go to to read an interesting post about the issue.

In regards to this event, I'll try to see what my friends and acquaintances think. I have not posted in a while thanks to busy-ness here on the ground -- moving into a new apartment. A new big fat post is in the works...


Blogger upyernoz said...

it's dangerous to promise a "big post soon." whenever i write that, something inevitably comes up and i can't post.

but if you manage to do it, i'm looking forward to seeing the post

4:37 PM  
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