Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Update and Comments on a Protest

Dear Blog-reading Friends,

Once again I apologize for being a terrible blogger. I should indeed never promise big upcoming posts, but I can say that I've been having a great time. Just got back from a quick trip to `Amman, barely getting back into Syria. Al-hamdulilah. I am glad to be back in ash-Sham, my home.

I do have a little something to offer up for you now however. Not a post about my life or my activities really, but I just read this post on syriacomment about a small protest. As I had been at the protest too (by chance!) and seen some things rather differently than the other guy, I had to type up my version of the story right away. You can read it as a comment to that post.

I won't promise any posts coming up soon, but... Uul in sha' Allah. Say "inshallah".